team: red

Episode 14: Skate America 2018 - Transcript

Red: We don’t like to think about “Candyman.”

Sam: Yeah, no, we definitely don’t,

Yogeeta: Yeah let’s never watch that ever again.

Red: Let’s move on from “Candyman.”

Sam: Yeah, thankfully they have.

Bonus Episode: 2018/19 GP Assignments - Transcript

Red: The next event is Rostelecom in Russia. We’re going to see Yuzuru Hanyu and Mikhail Kolyada go up against each other – again. For the second time. Yuzuru will be the favorite for gold, but again it’ll depend on what we talked about earlier, about how his recovery from his injury went. Again, Mikhail Kolyada is definitely a contender for the podium, but he’s also pretty inconsistent.  

Kite: He got really just hammered by his assignments this season.

Yogeeta, Red: Yeah…

Kite: He’s really shoehorned into competing with some serious challengers, and, I mean, depending on how he places, there might be – he might not make the Grand Prix Final.

Episode 3: Rule Changes for the 2018/19 Season - Transcript

Gina: Didn’t they agree that words spoken with cadence does actually count as music? (Tilda: Definitely.) So skaters could still skate to slam poetry.

Red: I wanna see Nathan do that. I wanna see Nathan do that, because I could see him writing his own rap or slam poetry and then skating to it.

Tilda: Maxim Kovtun could skate to his own hip hop. Make it happen!