A podcast covering everything there is to know about figure skating, from an international team of figure skating fans!

In The Loop is a podcast & media organization created by a group of figure skating fans from across the globe out of a passion to address underdeveloped areas of coverage in figure skating media, especially in podcasting. We decided to create the content we wanted to see: long-form interviews, serious discussions around themes like accessibility, judging, bias, and health, as well as more light-hearted coverage of the fan culture surrounding this often under-appreciated sport.

Our Content

  • Coverage of major competitions in a casual, conversational style. Our hosts chat about their favorite performances, contextualise them within the broader trajectory of the sport, and wax lyrical about Junior Ice Dance.

  • Documentary episodes digging into specific topics, like gender, judging systems and the costs faced by athletes. Our new mini-series Tales of the Blade focuses specifically on the often colorful history of skating, from Salchow’s savage sports journalism to rinks made of lard!

  • Interviews with skaters, coaches and choreographers, both up-and- coming and well-known. We take pride in providing a platform that allows those in the figure skating community to share their perspectives on the sport, as well as their personal stories.

  • Photography from major national and international competitions in Juniors and Seniors, as well as from ice shows, distributed through our social media channels and our website

  • A curated Twitter feed covering all the latest news, competition results, program announcements and more, and a comprehensive calendar of events for the season including streaming links, schedules, entries and more.

Our Mission

  • Encourage our listeners to be critical, educated fans and consumers of figure skating.

  • Offer deep engagement with the sport as fans, drawing on cross-disciplinary areas such as sociology, medicine, media, gender studies, and politics.

  • Make international content and fan culture more accessible to English-speaking fans.

  • Bring international perspectives into the conversation, with a team consisting of members from several different countries.

  • Draw attention to lesser-known skaters and details commonly missed by other figure skating media, as well as covering behind-the-scenes aspects of the sport.