Our Mission

In The Loop is a podcast created by a group of figure skating fans. We wished there was more content out there: serious discussions around themes like accessibility, judging, bias and health, as well as more light-hearted subjects relating to the fan culture surrounding this often under-appreciated sport. So we decided to create the content we wanted to see!

Our episodes are published every other week, occasionally with bonus episodes or special content in between. We also provide coverage of the major figure skating competitions, starting with the 2018-2019 season.

We aim to deeply engage in all aspects of the sport and to bring an international fan perspective.

We really appreciate feedback on our episodes as well as suggestions for topics you want us to discuss in the future! You can send us an email or a message through our social media channels.

What We Aim To Bring

  • Encouraging our listeners to be critical, educated fans and consumers of figure skating.

  • Offering deep engagement with the sport as fans, drawing on cross-disciplinary areas such as sociology, medicine, media, gender studies, and politics.

  • Making international content and fan culture more accessible to English-speaking fans.

  • Providing in-depth historical data and statistics.

  • Bringing international perspectives into the conversation, with a team consisting of members from several different countries.

  • Drawing attention to lesser known skaters and details commonly missed by other figure skating media, as well as covering behind-the-scenes aspects of the sport.