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Episode 11: Autumn Classic International and Ondrej Nepela Trophy - Transcript

Niamh: He did say his quad Salchow was a tribute to Javi, and I was’ve done the quad Salchow your entire senior career. Why is it only now his Salchow a tribute?

Gina: Javi’s not even dead yet!

Nina: Sometimes I can still hear his voice....

Recap: CS Autumn Classic International 2018

One of the most anticipated Challenger Series events, Autumn Classic International, took place in Oakville, Canada, this weekend. It featured a star-studded lineup of both World and Olympic medalists, eager to show off their new programs for the season ahead. The event was live streamed on Skate Canada’s Dailymotion and can be rewatched here. Protocols from this event can be found here.