Episode 23: Japanese Nationals 2019 - Transcript

Yogeeta: I’m very thankful we have Kaori Sakamoto, Japanese National champion. Her reaction when she saw her score was everything.

Nina: Don’t forget this was right after the world’s cutest dab.

Kite: Dabbing in the Kiss & Cry? She’s been taking lessons from Nam [Nyugen], clearly.

Yogeeta: No one should be taking those lessons (laughter).

Episode 22: Russian Nationals 2019 - Transcript

Sam: I will say she hits a beautiful line in a lift; their lifts are great when she like elongates out, because she has super long legs too.

Nina: When she bends them right, she makes her positions look very nice.

Sam: She’s not as leggy as Alexandra but she’s cleaner with those long legs than Alexandra is.

Nina: What do they put in the water over there? I want some of that leg juice. (Hosts laugh)

Sam: Yeah, exactly. (laughs)

Episode 21: Junior Grand Prix Final - Transcript

Evie: Let's go on to talking about the Junior Grand Prix Final! We talked about the Seniors last week and we're here talking about the Juniors this week. It's the end of the road for the Juniors and the end of Ted's commentary for a while, which makes me sad.

Kat: I mean, I obviously didn't hear Ted's commentary because I was there but I will miss it a lot. I did miss his commentary during the event.

Evie: They should just broadcast it in the arena.

Kat: Yeah!

Episode 20: Grand Prix Final 2018 - Transcript

Evie: So in today's episode we're going to be talking about the 2018 Grand Prix Final. Yay!

Kat: Can't believe it's over!

Evie: It's crazy that it's already at an end.

Tilda: The series is over!

Kat: Yeah, it was amazing like after the last event ended it was just like "Wow... it's over."

Evie: The season is going way too fast.

Tilda: It feels like it's lasted a year or something.

Interview: Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès at Internationaux de France 2018

In our last interview from Internationaux de France 2018, Clara (@daejangie) sits down with Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès, the 2018 World Bronze Medalists, to discuss their trajectory, programs, throw quads, and more!

Interview: Kévin Aymoz at Internationaux de France 2018

Our second interview from Internationaux de France 2018, Clara (@daejangie) sits down with Kévin Aymoz, the 2017 French National Champion, for a brief chat about his programs, his elements, last season and more.

Interview: Stéphane Lambiel Had A Word With Us

Direct from Internationaux de France 2018, Clara (@daejangie) sits down with 2006 Olympic silver medalist Stéphane Lambiel for a brief chat about the changes to the IJS, his coaching philosophy and his work as a choreographer.