ITL Weekly Figure Skating News Roundup (8-14 October 2018)

Arina Ushakova and Maxim Nekrasov (RUS) perform their Free Dance to “Black Cat, White Cat” at JGP Armenian Cup (   Photo Credit: ISU   )

Arina Ushakova and Maxim Nekrasov (RUS) perform their Free Dance to “Black Cat, White Cat” at JGP Armenian Cup (Photo Credit: ISU)

This week: The Junior Grand Prix comes to a close, withdrawals, coaching changes, and some tasty instant noodles.

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  • Daisuke Murakami (JPN) has joined the coaching staff at Sherwood Ice Arena in Sherwood, Oregon. We wish him all the best in his coaching endeavours! (source)

  • There have been a number of changes to the lineups of the Grand Prix.

    • Xiangning Li (CHN) has withdrawn from her Ladies singles spot at NHK Trophy, and has also withdrawn from both of her Pairs assignments, GP Helsinki and Skate America, with her partner Xie Zhong (CHN). (source 1, 2, 3)

    • Maé-Bérénice Méité (FRA) has been assigned to NHK Trophy. (source)

    • Gabrielle Daleman (CAN) and Larkyn Austman (CAN) have withdrawn from Skate Canada International. (source)

    • Dabin Choi (KOR) has withdrawn from both of her assignments, Skate Canada International and NHK Trophy. (source)

  • Rika Hongo (JPN) has moved her training base to Vancouver, Canada. She will be coached by Joanne Macleod, Megumu Seki and Neil Wilson. She will continue to represent Chukyo University despite the move. We wish her all the best on her journey! (source)

Yuhana Yokoi (JPN) performs her Free Skate to “Phantom of the Opera” at JGP Armenian Cup (   Photo Credit: ISU   )

Yuhana Yokoi (JPN) performs her Free Skate to “Phantom of the Opera” at JGP Armenian Cup (Photo Credit: ISU)


JGP Armenian Cup (11-13 October)

  • Ladies - 1st: Alexandra Trusova (RUS), 2nd: Alena Kanysheva (RUS), 3rd: Yuhana Yokoi (JPN)
    Trusova became the first lady to land a fully rotated quad Lutz in international competition.

  • Ice Dance - 1st: Arina Ushakova/Maxim Nekrasov (RUS), 2nd: Maria Kazakova/Georgy Reviya (GEO), 3rd: Ellie Fisher/Simon-Pierre Malette-Paquette (CAN)

  • Men - 1st: Adam Siao Him Fa (FRA), 2nd: Yuma Kagiyama (JPN), 3rd: Ilya Kovler (CAN)

You can read our full recap of the event here.

With the conclusion of this event, the skaters proceeding to the Junior Grand Prix Final have been decided!

  • Pairs: Mishina/Galliamov (RUS), Kostiukovich/Ialin (RUS), Akhanteva/Kolesov (RUS), Panfilova/Rylov (RUS), Poluianova/Sopot (RUS), Feng/Nyman (USA)

  • Ladies: Alexandra Trusova (RUS), Alena Kostornaia (RUS), Anna Shcherbakova (RUS), Anastasiia Tarakanova (RUS), Yelim Kim (KOR), Alena Kanysheva (RUS)

  • Ice Dance: Ushakova/Nekrasov (RUS), Khudaiberdieva/Nazarov (RUS), Nguyen/Kolesnik (USA), Shevchenko/Eremenko (RUS), Lajoie/Lagha (CAN), Kazakova/Reviya (GEO)

  • Men: Petr Gumennik (RUS), Camden Pulkinen (USA), Adam Siao Him Fa (FRA), Tomoki Hiwatashi (USA), Andrew Torgashev (USA), Koshiro Shimada (JPN)


  • Training mates Jun Hwan Cha (KOR) and Conrad Orzel (CAN) had some creative differences over the way instant ramen should be prepared. You can watch their conversation from Conrad’s Instagram live.

  • Netflix has announced a new original drama series about figure skating entitled “Spinning Out.” The series will star Emma Roberts and will contain 10 episodes. (source)

  • Shoma Uno posed for Kiss & Cry magazine. The behind the scenes video of the shoot can be found on their Youtube channel.

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