jgp baltic cup

Episode 36 - JGP Riga Cup, Chelyabinsk, and Baltic Cup - Transcript

Kite: …When I heard he was skating to Andrew Lloyd Webber, I was like oh, here we go again, and then it wasn't Phantom of the Opera. [Evie laughs.] I was so pleasantly surprised. I was like wow I almost forgot he had other music, that wasn't Phantom of the Opera [Hosts laugh.] because that's all that skaters ever skate to.

Evie: Skaters are finally delving into the extended catalog of Andrew Lloyd Webber [Sam laughs.]

Sam: We get Phantom. We get “Memories” from Cats.

Evie: Honestly, where is the Andrew Lloyd Webber School of Rock program already.

Sam: Give us some Jesus Christ Superstar, bring that back.

Kite: Only if there's the bright yellow pants. It has to be skated to in like banana pants.

Sam: Yes. Yellow pants are required.