comp: jgp croatia 2019

Episode 38 - JGP Croatia Cup and Egna-Neumarkt - Transcript

Kite: Alysa actually has quite a bit of an edge on base value, so combined base value for both programs is a 109 for Alyssa currently, and 103.12 for Kamila, but Kamila can definitely make up that difference because she gets the superior GOE and PCS rightfully so if both are clean - this is all if both are clean.

Evie: Is Alysa's technical content, that 109, includes if she does the triple axel in the short or no?

Kite: Yeah. This is with the triple Axel-triple toe in the short. [Evie: Okay] That's what she did in Poland.

Evie: Yeah, so that is the heart attack number. The 109 is the heart attack number.

Kite: Yes, absolutely the heart attack number.