Episode 20: Grand Prix Final 2018 - Transcript

Evie: So in today's episode we're going to be talking about the 2018 Grand Prix Final. Yay!

Kat: Can't believe it's over!

Evie: It's crazy that it's already at an end.

Tilda: The series is over!

Kat: Yeah, it was amazing like after the last event ended it was just like "Wow... it's over."

Evie: The season is going way too fast.

Tilda: It feels like it's lasted a year or something.

Interview: Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès at Internationaux de France 2018

In our last interview from Internationaux de France 2018, Clara (@daejangie) sits down with Vanessa James and Morgan Ciprès, the 2018 World Bronze Medalists, to discuss their trajectory, programs, throw quads, and more!

Interview: Kévin Aymoz at Internationaux de France 2018

Our second interview from Internationaux de France 2018, Clara (@daejangie) sits down with Kévin Aymoz, the 2017 French National Champion, for a brief chat about his programs, his elements, last season and more.

Interview: Stéphane Lambiel Had A Word With Us

Direct from Internationaux de France 2018, Clara (@daejangie) sits down with 2006 Olympic silver medalist Stéphane Lambiel for a brief chat about the changes to the IJS, his coaching philosophy and his work as a choreographer.

Episode 19: Internationaux de France 2018 - Transcript

Kat: We never would have been able to tell that it was a hexagon, just because everyone was holding it.

Dani: Guys, real talk, do you think that they're going to run out of shapes at one point?

Kat: Who knows, maybe they'll just stick with this the whole time.

Dani: I'll say that 2019 will have squares or triangles.

Tilda: I do wonder if it's like building a brand as avant-garde, you know?

Episode 18: Rostelecom Cup 2018 - Transcript

Sam: Thankfully there is no “Edge of No Return,” so.

Kite: “Point of No Return…”

Sam: Yes, “Point of No Return!”

Kite: “Edge of No Return!”

Sam: Did I say “edge”? Excuse me! “Point of No Return!” It's only my favorite song in the whole musical, so of course I'm gonna screw it up!